Sales is an art...
and a science

At the intersection sits Kudu: the world’s first revenue acceleration machine

Stop Hypothesising. Start Driving Revenue

Beat your Quota

Stress less about your quota, with a proactive approach to smooth and accelerate your pipeline.

Live Pipeline & Deal Analysis

Take control over your deals with our revenue acceleration machine; we help you identify and close winnable deals.

Broad Method Library

100+ tried and tested methods to help you get to closing, automatically broken down and applied to your pipeline.  

Built for the entire Sales Organization

Kudu offers a comprehensive toolkit for sales professionals across the organization. From insights to immediate action items, we help enterprise sales teams increase revenue and accelerate their pipelines.

A salesperson's best friend

No one loves SalesForce – insights aplenty, but no clear direction. Kudu helps high-performing sales individuals get to the next level and beat their quota with immediate action items applied through AI and machine learning

  • Tools to help meet and beat your quota
  • 640+ proven sales methods and actions
  • Insights and actions to increase deal velocity

Better insights for sale managers

Power-up your sales team with deep insights about the strengths and weaknesses of each member. Apply recommended methods and keep total control of your organization’s pipeline.
  • Assign methods to increase deal size and velocity
  • Insights into organization’s sales pipeline
  • Overview of individual performance across the org


Start speeding up your pipeline, today