Automatically generate and close new deals

Kudu supercharges your sales team by allowing them to break into any account and drive deals to close via the world’s first revenue acceleration machine.

Generate new pipeline, instantly

Turn any insight into an actual, winnable deal opportunity with our playbook of 1,000+ sales strategies and actions applied automatically to each deal.

Unlimited Account-Level Data

The Kudu Data Lake contains specific, consulting-level sales insights and deal opportunities for any company, allowing you to start generating new opportunities instantly

Meaningful Sales Strategies

Move any opportunity from idea to win with our sales acceleration platform, containing 1,000+ sales plays and activities – all applied and optimized dynamically for each deal

Finally, Clarity for your Team

No more guessing when it comes to sales activities – salespeople start each day with a list of the specific actions to take as well as new, pro-actively generated deal opportunities

Built for the entire Sales Organization

Kudu offers a comprehensive toolkit for sales professionals across the organization. From insights to immediate action items, we help enterprise sales teams increase revenue and accelerate their pipelines.

Consulting-level account strategy

Kudu levels the playing field by surfacing the right contacts and account info at the right moment, giving your team a path to win on every deal

Start each day with a playbook

Kudu eliminates the guesswork when it comes to your day-to-day with a daily playbook of the actions that will actually lead to more closed deals

Start speeding up your pipeline, today