Automatically Generate and Close New Deals

Kudu supercharges your sales team by allowing them to break into any account and drive deals to close via the world’s first revenue acceleration machine.

Generating deal opportunities, ready for action

Kudu works within new and existing accounts to find meaningful opportunities

Kudu’s automated research and data lake finds and invents real, pre-qualified opportunities

Kudu dynamically creates a playbook leveraging dozens of data points and 1,000+ sales techniques

Consulting-level account strategy

Kudu levels the playing field by surfacing the right contacts and account info at the right moment, giving your team a path to win on every deal

Kudu Analyzes Thousands of Data Points, so you don't have to

Start Each Day with New Opportunities

While you sleep, Kudu’s AI sifts through thousands of public and private signals to identify specific, pre-qualified opportunities tailored to the salesperson

Playbooks Built for Action

Kudu leverages generative AI to create the resources required for each deal. From prospecting to proposals, reps have all of the tools required to close each deal

Experience the Power of Generative Selling