Introducing the World of Generative Selling

A Note from our CEO

Over the last several months, the team and I have been working incredibly hard on the next evolution of Kudu. One that embraces the strength of our revenue acceleration machine, while embracing the future of sales through generative AI and an expansive data lake. 

I personally couldn’t be more excited to welcome you into this new era of generative selling, where you’ll spend your time actually selling, as opposed to the laborious world of research, prospecting, and sales planning.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come over the next several weeks:

Deals on Demand

We’ve conducted over 100 client interviews over the last year, and the overwhelming number one issue facing salespeople has become apparent: 95% of salespeople lack enough opportunities.

Kudu now interprets thousands of public and private data points at your target accounts to identify specific, personalized opportunities that we present to you daily on your dashboard. Accept any deal and it’ll be added to your pipeline with all of the info you need to get to close.

I believe that we are delivering the dream of the enterprise salesperson: starting every day with a set of fresh, real, pre-qualified opportunities that they can quickly and effectively sell to.

Automated Deal Playbooks

Our goal is simple, but incredibly ambitious: we want salespeople to skip the entire front half of the sales process. Under our vision, account research, prospecting, writing, and sales planning are all taken care of by Kudu. 

I am incredibly proud to say: we’ve done this. By leveraging our expansive data lake, our proprietary AI/ML, and OpenAI’s GPT platform, we can deliver on this promise over a year earlier than we anticipated.

Now, for every deal in your pipeline (as well as every opportunity that Kudu generates), we create a fully personalized playbook that guides you through the entire sales process. This includes prospecting, reach out sequences, LinkedIn introductions, and even the specific proposal that you’ll send. 

It’s impossible to overstate how powerful this functionality is for the modern sales professional. We’re launching these ground-breaking features in a limited beta starting on May 1st. If you’re not using Kudu at present, we’d love to demo this and provide you a hands-on experience, using your actual target accounts. Please reach out to schedule this.

I’d like to personally thank you for being part of Kudu’s journey. As always, my inbox remains open for any questions or feedback you may have. You’re welcome to reply directly to this email.

Here’s to your sales journey, 

President & CEO, Kudu