Advisory Services

Transform your sales process

We help enterprises realize the potential of their revenue teams and accelerate and close more opportunities.

Revenue Strategy to Grow and Scale your Business

Leading enterprises and growing businesses leverage the Kudu Sales Ecosystem to transform and expand their revenue operations. From individual deal advisory to our revenue acceleration platform, our sales consultants will work with your firm to deploy winning strategies across your sales and leadership teams.

Our Focus Areas:

Large Deal Advisory >
Deal Generation and Execution >
Sales Coaching >
Sales Technology Governance and Implementation >

Trusted from Startups to Fortune 500

Built on the World’s First Revenue Acceleration Machine

Traditional sales consulting is temporary and expensive. At Kudu, we’ve redefined the advisory business for revenue teams. Our sales experts, each with decades of experience, will help your team grow and close their business using our revenue acceleration platform. When our work is done, your team will be trained to continue finding and closing large, winnable deals using Kudu.


Large Deal Advisory

Whether it’s crossing the finish line on a large deal or overseeing the strategy behind M&A, our sales advisory team can help.

Deal Generation and Execution

Our advisory team will not only generate and execute on new opportunities, but also leave skills behind for your team in the future.

Sales Coaching

One-to-one coaching, at scale. We work with your revenue teams to implement specific methods to grow and close their pipeline


Sales Tech Implementation

We help enterprises and organizations go from spreadsheets and emails to a revenue acceleration machine without the hassle

Start speeding up your pipeline, today