Nail your Scale with Kudu

Scaling your business and powering your revenue team is no small feat for startups. That’s why we’re giving eligible startups an edge with heavily discounted access to our Sales Cycle Automation platform

Transform your sales team - immediately

Your startup doesn’t have time to wait – send your sales staff to one of our cohorts (starting monthly) and within weeks they’ll be deploying new methods to generate and close new business.

Whether your sales team is just you or quickly growing, our cohorts are interactive and live, built for opportunities to network and learn from your peers.

Current and Upcoming Cohorts

Supercharge Deal Generation in New and Existing Accounts

Driving Deals to Close Bootcamp

Accelerate your Deals to Close and Boost your Win Rate

Sales Leadship Masterclass

Strategies for Exploding Growth within Revenue Teams

Deploy the world’s first revenue acceleration machine at your startup

(we'll even help you do it)

Is your revenue team ready to scale quickly? Our revenue acceleration and sales cycle automation platform is built to help enterprise sales organizations grow and close their pipeline at scale. One of our revenue experts will work closely with your sales leadership to build out  sales processes so your reps can drive the entire process – from prospecting to signing the dotted line.

Generate winnable opportunities

Skip the qualification stage and start each day with a set of meaningful, winnable opportunities. The Kudu Sales Platform uses our robust sales methodologies to automatically generate pre-qualified opportunities at your target accounts.

Drive deals to close

Kudu eliminates the guesswork when it comes closing deals. With 920+ sales methods across the sales cycle, Kudu automatically recommends and applies actions to every step of every deal in your pipeline.

Ready for a sales boost at your startup?

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