Break into any account Drive every deal to win

Introducing the world’s first revenue acceleration machine

Kudu supercharges your sales team by allowing them to break into any account and drive deals to close via the world’s first revenue acceleration machine.

Deal Generation

Break into any account by leveraging our Data Lake of company-specific strategies and opportunities.

Account Data Built for Action

Kudu enables your sales team to take advantage of dozens of consulting-level data points, insights, and strategy, guided by AI and automation. Genereate a specific deal opportunity from any data point.


Hyper Relevant Data Lake

The Kudu Data Lake provides access to opportunities at accounts previously reserved for high-end consultants and CROs, automatically identified and provided to your sales team to generate deals. 

Pre-Qualified Deals, on Demand

Kudu surfaces specific deal opportunities at your target accounts and plots a course from idea to the finish line.

Deal Acceleration

Stay on top of every deal and leverage unique, powerful sales strategies to boost win rate

Bringing structure to an unstructured sales process

Enterprise sales is a highly-nuanced and ever-changing process with each deal looking different than the last. Kudu deploys over 1,000 sales methods and actions, dynamically recommended and applied to every deal in your pipeline. 

End the ambiguity of enterprise sales

Each day, every member of your sales team starts with a playbook of the specific actions most likely to drive deals forward and keep their pipeline healthy and stocked with new, winnable opportunities.

Pipeline reviews that move the needle

For sales leaders, gone are the days of unproductive 1:1s and pipeline reviews. With Kudu, managers can review the pipelines and new opportunities for each sales rep. Scale your team’s revenue and be the sales superhero.