Why Kudu?

Kudu supercharges your sales team by allowing them to break into any account and drive deals to close via the world’s first revenue acceleration machine.

The modern enterprise salesperson isn’t selling

Today, six hours of a salesperson’s day is spent on non-revenue generating activities.

At Kudu, we have a different vision for sales, where reps wake up each morning with new deals, ready on-demand, and all of the resources required to move those deals to a win.

In five years, the world of sales will look dramatically different

We’re here to usher in that change by leveraging expansive data lakes, OpenAI + proprietary machine learning, and decades’ worth of impactful sales strategy.

Data is everything

Unlock the potential of your sales team

Public Data

We analyze financial reports, annual/quarterly filings, press releases, and public news sources to uncover trends and specific deal opportunities

Private Data

Our extensive data agreements provide us with access to hiring data, department trends, business agreements, etc. to uncover hidden deals and insights

Prospect Info

Uncover and build entire deals around specific targeted contacts, identified automatically by our prospecting engine

Expertise + AI

Our data team, combined with cutting edge artificial intelligence uncovers insights and opportunities previously reserved for clients of high-ends consultancies

Introducing our version of the modern sales process

Opportunities on Demand

Kudu is the only platform in the market to surface actual deal opportunities, hyper-targeted to your specific product and selling proposition

Follow a Winning Path to Close

For each deal and opportunity in your pipeline, Kudu leverages generative AI to create an end-to-end playbook with all material and insights needed to get to deal won

Providing an Instant Boost for Sales Organizations

Every day, Kudu scans thousands of public and private data points to identify specific deal opportunities tailored to the individual salesperson – providing instant validation and revenue opportunities for our clients


1 %
reduction in cost of sales
1 %
increased revenue per rep
1 %
faster time to revenue
1 %
net client ROI

Experience the Power of Generative Selling