Partner with Kudu

A partnership with Kudu will supercharge your business while we usher in a new era of sales enablement, together

The world’s first generative sales platform, tailored for partner’s needs

Built for Immediate Action

Kudu can be integrated in as few as two weeks, with fully-tailored deals flowing as soon as day three

Fully Scalable

Whether it’s one client or a hundred, our solutions team will work directly with you

You’re the Superhero

The end product of our integration is a set of pre-qualified deals, we’ll let you take the credit!

Opportunities for Partnership

Kudu’s Generative Selling Platform is built to work with you. Our partners integrate Kudu into their client’s solutions across a range of industries and interfaces.

CRM & System Integrators

Deploy a solution, not a tool. Kudu can automatically fill your client’s new or upgraded CRM with real, pre-qualified deals, customized and tuned fully for your end users. Kudu integrates natively with leading CRMs and sales enablement solutions, with custom integrations available upon request.

Referrals and Marketing Engagements

Think Kudu is a good fit for your business, or that of a colleague? Our referral program offers meaningful incentives for every adoption of the Kudu Sales Platform, with no minimum user requirements. Send us their info, our integrations team will handle the rest.

Sales and Management Consulting

You’re working to instill change – we’re here to make it count. Consult directly via the Kudu Sales Platform and our management interfaces, or integrate Kudu into your existing sales tools. You can consult on overall performance, identify specific new deal opportunities, and drive those deals to close with the full suite of Kudu’s tools.

Request More Information

We’re ready for you to contribute to the world’s first opportunity generation platform. Our partner program is available upon application across a range of business functions and roles.