With Kudu, teams meaningfully reduce their cost of sales by expanding revenue.


An AI assistant to help you stay on top of your existing accounts


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A superhuman AI sales companion to outsource deal identification & planning


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A department-boosting AI partner to supercharge the entire sales process


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Today represents a shift in your team’s sales performance

We don’t believe in à la carte or feature upsells. With Kudu, your team members have access to all of the tools they need to break into any account and close every deal.

Access to consulting-level data and insights, for any account.

Kudu enables your sales team to take advantage of dozens of consulting-level data points, insights, and strategy, guided by AI and automation. Genereate a specific deal opportunity from any data point

Execute on dynamic sales plans, from ideation to win.

Kudu eliminates the guesswork, boosts win-rate, and dramatically compresses the sales cycle by recommending and automatically applying 920+ sales plays and techniques to your deals.

Sales trainings, step aside.

The Kudu Sales Excellence cohort model turns theories into applications, working out of your actual pipeline to instantly implement new strategies, prospecting opportunities, and sales plays.

Your most useful pipeline review to date.

Kudu is building the world’s most useful tool for managers to review pipelines, explore new opportunities, track KPIs, and create meaningful growth, all while reducing the overall cost of sales for your revenue teams.


It's all included.

At Kudu, we’re working diligently to build the world’s first revenue acceleration machine – and we hope you’ll join us. Our team is happy to discuss pricing options that make sense for your business objectives